RSA Booth 2023

Lookout's RSA Conference booth showcased the company's updated brand with a vibrant new color scheme, logo, and imagery. This stunning transformation not only captured attention but also earned us the GD USA award.

Freedom of Control Website

Designed in collaboration with a fellow intern using Figma, the website was created for a campaign promoting the concept that the company's products deliver security without sacrificing the freedom of technology.


Inspired by 'The Mind' card game, our Wordle clone offers a unique twist on word puzzles. Players guess words based on in-game clues. Unlike the static word list Wordle uses, this game uses dynamic APIs to generate entirely new games with fresh words and hints upon each site reload. Progression includes more lives, hints, and longer words for added challenge.


The &, $, and # are among several abstracted glyphs representing complex concepts or words. These symbols streamline writing, enhancing readability and convenience. Behind these seemingly simple characters lies a rich history of evolution. The project's objective is to embrace this concept: abstract, simplify, yet maintain a meaningful connection to the original idea.

Pantone Textures

Presenting a curated selection of soft-textured visuals, artfully inspired by Pantone color swatches. Each interactive animation thoughtfully emulates the graceful motion of delicate paper cards. The website's backend is seamlessly powered by Airtable, strategically organized to optimize data retrieval via its robust API.

Platonic Slices

Experience a unique website exploration of space, where scrolling activates a Z-axis journey, dynamically transforming shapes based on depth. These shapes, sourced from Fusion 360's 'Slicer' plugin, originally designed for 3D cross-sections for sculpture and 3D work, have found an unexpected yet practical use.

ODUCKO Animations

In collaboration with a small business to create animated knit duck hats. Using Blender, we harnessed Grease Pencil's line art modification for precise outlines and employed color ramps to achieve the distinctive cell-shaded aesthetics.

Nail Clipper Animations

Nail Clipper Animations is a tech-inspired piece, brought to life using Blender for modeling and animation. Each animation seamlessly combines into a captivating video using Premiere Pro.